I create objects with visual magnetism and distinct material presence that reflect the generative power of nature.  Painting on archival plastic film, paper, and metal, I accumulate a mass of gestures that are cut, combined and layered into assemblages. From specimen-sized works to encompassing installations, my pieces capture a kind of monumentality and at the same time a feeling of fragility. Evoking natural forms and processes, both familiar and fantastical, the images are just a step away from dissolving into masses of line or shape. My works often suggest growth, expansion, and outpouring, touching on the dynamic between containment and release, expressing an urge for liberation, for transformation. Their exuberance and beauty shadow a longing: the desire for things to last, a wish against decay. I admit the futility of this longing by making works that, despite their grandness, are obvious constructions, pieced together, assembled, collaged, potentially vulnerable to change. The layers of tension between transience and permanence, nature and artifice, substance and ethereality, growth and decay are pivotal in the work, but so is the harmony that emerges. Within each piece is the notion of the timeless, of tapping into an ongoing flow; the idea that a mark, line or shape can become a sign, symbol, or metaphor for the infinite.

History & Influences